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Here’s How I’m Caffeinating…

13 Jan

brooklynroastingI’ve  told you about my love for Brooklyn Roasting Company after they hit the BK coffee scene a few years ago, and since then opened up shop in Dumbo. Their coffees are all Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and Organic certified, and BRC is serious about “green thinking.” The roaster uses recycled materials and refurbished equipment, as well as clean powered distribution, like bicycle and a bio-diesel van. So here’s what I’m drinking at the moment: The Mocha Java blend– with notes of berry, black cherry, and cashew, as the packaging clearly displays (so you know what you’re getting into). It’s rich and warm for chilly January days, and goes for about $13 a can. Even if you can’t stop by the Dumbo location or find it at your grocery store, you can get yours here.

The Newest Trend in Brooklyn Coffee

26 Apr

Sure, you know all about local coffee faves like Stumptown and Gorrilla– but have you tried The Brooklyn Roasting Company yet? Based in Dumbo, the roaster is committed to offering best quality Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees and espressos. The selection of blends includes a Mocha Java Eden Blend, Fair Trade & Organic Sumatran, Organic Guatemalan, and Tamper Tantrum Espresso. You can learn more about each blend on the website, where they even include a bean rating, which indicates the degree of roast. Buy your bag at Stinky Bklyn on Smith Street in Cobble Hill.


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