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It’s Becoming Brooklyn’s 2 Year Anniversary!

20 May

Two years ago this weekend, I moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights, and coincidentally, I spent my two year anniversary moving again, but this time to Carroll Gardens. Looking back though my posts, it feels like I’ve been here for much longer, which makes me excited to see where I’ll be two years from now.

Thank you to everyone who reads my posts, tweets me, likes Becoming Brooklyn on Facebook, comes to my meetups– it means a lot to have you here with me through all of my Brooklyn experiences and discoveries. Keep coming back, because if you likes the last two years, I think you’ll like the next two even more.

So let’s have a Baked cupcake and a pint of Brooklyn Brewery beer to celebrate. Cheers!


Three Sweet Gifts for your Brooklyn Valentine

8 Feb

Still looking for a unique gift for your Brooklyn sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? I’ve picked out three of my favorite sweet treats that I think your valentine will love just as much as I do.

1. Hot and Bothered set from With Love From Brooklyn

Spice things up with this set from one of my favorite curated gift sites, With Love From Brooklyn. The four-pack includes Jacques Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate and Wicked Chocolate Bar, Nunu Chocolates Mezcal Chili Truffles, and Spoonable Chili Caramel. It’s sweet. It’s spicy; and it’s the perfect artisinal gift for the one you love. Use the code HOTSTUFF to get 20 percent off.

2. Knipschildt Strawberry Hazelnut Bark from The Chocolate Room

I have a deep connection with The Chocolate Room and any of their chocolates and baked goods. I’m loving this Knipschildt Strawberry Hazelnut Bark for Valentine’s Day. I like it’s festive and unique look– milk and pink colored white chocolate bark with hazelnuts and strawberry powder. Pair it with these pretty rosewater truffles for an extra sweet surprise.

3. Red Hook Red Hot Cupcakes from Baked

Who wouldn’t like red velvet cake with a hint of valrhona cocoa, layered and topped with your choice of vanilla cinnamon buttercream or classic cream cheese frosting? One of my favorite bakeries, Baked in Red Hook offers the Red Hook Red Hot cake in cupcake form, which I think is a little bit cuter than the whole cake. Contact the bakery soon to place your order.


The Perfect Combo of Salty and Sweet

18 Oct

I’ve told you about my deep passion for Baked bakery in Red Hook, but I haven’t raved to you about the perfect combination of salty and sweet– the Baked Brownie in “Sweet & Salty” flavor. They’re rich and the perfect in between of cakey and fudgy– and this variety is made with deep dark chocolate, homemade caramel, and fleur de sel. I’m not the only one that loves Baked brownies, they’ve won lots of awards and even an accolade from Oprah. Get yours in Red Hook, or if you’re in Brooklyn Heights, stop by Tazza at 72 Clark Street.

It’s My Birthday– Let Me Eat Pie.

5 Sep

Ever since I watched the Bobby Flay Throwdown “Banana Cream Pie” with Baked in Red Hook, I’ve been craving Baked’s Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie. My thoughtful boyfriend was obviously taking notes because he surprised me with a WHOLE pie for my birthday. I immediately dug into the layers of creamy banana, rich peanut butter, and wafer crust. I’m telling you, birthday cake is overrated– go for the pie.

Three Granolas to Munch Now

17 Aug

It’s sweet, it’s salty, it’s crunchy, and some of the best is right here in Brooklyn– it’s GRANOLA. While there are plenty of fabulous granolas all over the city, I’ve selected three of my favorites that I recommend munching on right away. If you have a favorite Brooklyn-based granola that didn’t make my list, comment here!

1. Early Bird Foods & Co.

My favorite thing about Early Bird Granola is that it comes in four amazing flavors– sometimes I can’t decide which one I want to choose. They offer Farmhand’s Choice, a toasty blend with pecans, sunflower seeds, and brown sugar, the Choc-a-doodle-doo, a rich dark chocolate and coconut mix, Aloha, which features mango and macadamia nuts, and the Jubilee recipe a combo of sweet cherries and salty pistachios. All varieties are entirely handmade in Brooklyn, and can be purchased at spots like Choice Greene, Blue Marble Ice Cream, and Crop to Cup Cafe.

2. Baked Granola

Everyone knows Baked for their renowned cupcakes and cookies– but did you know they have  spectacular granola too? The bakery serves up Chocolate and Mountain blends, but I suggest the classic House blend. With oats, almonds, hazlenuts, raisins, dried cherries, honey, and cinnamon, this one’s the perfect topper for yogurt or ice cream. The ingredients are all natural, and if you’ve ever tried Baked’s other desserts– you know they’ve got skills.

3. The Nut Box

As I passed by The Nut Box store at 163 Smith Street for the first time, I thought, “A store filled with nuts?! GENIUS” (because that’s the kind of thing I get excited about). After I was finished marveling, I went in to discover that on top of their selection of every nut imaginable, the shop also carries chocolates, dried fruit, candy, and GRANOLA! If you don’t want to buy pre-made granola, stock up on some ingredients here and make your own! And if you do, send some my way, please.

A Night in Red Hook

4 Aug

I know, I know. Red Hook is far. But if you are looking for a waterfront destination to walk to bike ride, the waterfront walkway at the end of Van Brunt Street has much to offer. On your way, stop by Baked bakery for one of their famous cupcakes. Try the “Red Hook Red Hot” cake, or red velvet topped with cinnamon buttercream to be extra neighborhood appropriate.

Waterfront in Red Hook


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