I have a supper club called The Sauce for those passionate about food, wine, mixology, art, and music. We connect our members with a curated social experience, including access to dinners with star chefs & cocktail parties with top mixologists. Learn more here and join me for a future event.


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  1. Trip and Share

    Dear Bloggers,
    We are interested in counting with you on Trip & Share, a new Trip-oriented social network that allows people around the world to share their trip experiences. We would like to have you as a featured member of our network so that you can show your blog to the community.
    An RSS feed of our featured members will appear randomly in the Main page for everyone to see their blogs and everything they have to say.

    We count on you for the growth of our network, so that everybody that travels can get the most out of each trip. Hope we see you online!

    The Trip & Share Team

  2. Eric Lee

    Hi BecomingBklyn!
    I follow you on twitter (i’m @theycallme_eric)
    Im 18, been a brooklynite since i was born!

    i’m a young artist, high school senior. please check out my tumblr and see if you like anything.
    I decided this year before I go to college, I wanted to enjoy brooklyn and New York City!

    here it is!


    1. becomingbklyn

      Cool! Thanks, Eric. Great pictures. I’ll be following!

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