8 responses to “Here’s How I’m Caffeinating…”

  1. Carol Kelly


    You inspire me to move to Brooklyn. I have enjoyed so many of the places you have mentioned when there for a visit. The real hook was CAFFEINE! Keep the good stuff coming!

    1. becomingbklyn

      Thanks, Carol! I hope you make the move!

  2. Sasha

    I used to work in that building across the street from this place in DUMBO. Their coffee is incredible. So rich. Exactly what coffee is supposed to be. Not to mention it kept me energized past that 3pm feeling ;)

    1. becomingbklyn

      haha Lucky! You must miss it– it’s definitely a nice way to wake up.

  3. Carlo

    Is this good as iced coffee? I’m just wondering because I enjoy a coffee enema at least once a week. Thanks!

    1. becomingbklyn

      Definitely makes for a good iced coffee too!

  4. TheDixieDishThe Dixie Dish

    Sounds like a “must-try” next time I’m back in Brooklyn! Thanks for sharing.

    1. becomingbklyn


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