Hammock Pack: A Getaway at Your Doorstep

14 Oct

Who needs a getaway? I know how ya feel. That’s why I was so excited when Brooklyn-based brand Hammock Pack sent me a getaway right to my door (and I didn’t have to pay for an expensive flight). Hammock Pack is a subscription service that sends a box of goodies to make you feel like you’re taking a little vacay, without leaving your home. Each month is a different theme. I got a camping themed box. I have to admit, I’m definitely not a camping kinda girl, but this could have convinced me otherwise. Perhaps it’s because it brought me all the fun things about camping, like s’mores and campfires, without mosquitoes and sleeping on the ground.

Opening the box was half the fun– with the cute little description card and silky purply bow. Inside, I found five camping themed items– s’mores from S’More Bakery (based here in NYC), Halo Soap Tea Tree Mud Mask, All Out Nuts Everything Nice Blend, Herbivore Botanicals Healing Salve, and Oh Sudz Charcoal Soap. I practically squealed at how well each item followed the theme.

You know I’m all about the food, so let’s talk about that first. This was unlike any other s’more I’ve ever had. I cooked the artisanal dessert could right in my own oven until it came out toasty and gooey– with toasted coconut mallow sandwiched between two dark chocolate grahams & semisweet chocolate ganache. The nuts were addictive too– baked with vanilla and baking spices, giving it a crunchy texture and sweet and spicy flavor.

I gave the mud mask a shot– usually these kinda things make my uber-sensitive skin itchy and red, but this one left it smooth and soft. Plus it smells good too, something I didn’t expect from its muddy appearance.


So who knew charcoal was good for your skin? I’m obsessing over this Oh Sudz hand soap because it doesn’t leave your hands all oily like some other ones do. Now I just need a good soap dish. Finally, the Herbivore Botanicals hand salve was a great final touch– perhaps an ode to the first aid kit? And as someone prone to bug bites, cuts, scrapes, etc. etc. this one is a must-have in my apartment.

The best part is– I can do this once a month! Subscriptions are $25 per month– so try it once, try a 3 month subscription, or full. Here’s the link to get yours. Enjoy.

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