Your New Favorite Website: Radiuus

11 Sep

Ever wish you could find out the latest that’s happening in a location without having to sift through all the extra mumbojumbo on other social media sites? That you could pick a location and see cool photos, blog posts, news stories, tips, that are happening solely in the area you live? Well now, thanks to my new favorite site Radiuus, you can find exactly what’s going on in any part of the world by targeting locations you care about.

The Brooklyn-based duo Gregg and Ben just launched Radiuus last month in its beta version. I wouldn’t normally tout a website like this on my blog, but I think it’s a great concept and fun to use.

After you create an account, it’s super easy to get started. Just pick your locations or “listeners.” Maybe you add three–  your home base in Park Slope, near your office in Midtown, and your home back upstate. You can select how large of an area you want to receive broadcasts from. THEN, you can broadcast anything you like. Maybe you see a cool post about Talde on Becoming Brooklyn– BROADCASTED! Or maybe there’s a new bar opening up on your street but you don’t know what it is… broadcast it! Perhaps another Radiuus member knows what’s up.

Then check out other broadcasts. If you like something, you can echo it, meaning it will be broadcasted to a larger area. The more echoes you get, the more people will see your content.

The great part is, you only see updates in the areas you choose. They have lots more features coming in the future, so request an invite now. 

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