Becoming Brooklyn Does Puerto Rico

8 Sep

You may have noticed that I was on a short hiatus last week. I traveled down to Puerto Rico with two goals in mind… number 1 sit on the beach, and number 2 experience Puerto Rico in the non-touristy kind of way with plenty of local eating and drinking. I’m happy to say that both were a success, although the latter was far more difficult. Check out some of the photos from my excursion.

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When you visit here are some tips:

1. Eat at La Casita Blanca– it’s a little off the beaten path. They do not speak English, so prepare to dig into the part of your brain that stored the info from that college spanish class. Don’t leave without eating the mofongo and drinking sangria. I also had to buy a bag of their house coffee.

2. Visit the market in Rio Piedras. It’s also out of the way, but a huge market of local produce from avocado to star fruit

3. Check out Kasalta Bakery for breakfast and drool over the array of cheese cakes, chocolates, and pastries.

4. Spend as much time in the ocean as possible. New York beaches will never be that warm or clean.

5. Gorge on seafood at Tasca El Pescador, but sit outside so you can listen to some live music and enjoy the weather.

6. Yes, the Bacardi rum plant is ridiculously silly and a bit like a Disney tour, but it’s kind of entertaining and there are free drinks.

7. Stay at Acacia Boutique Hotel instead of a giant resort. It’s a unique little place steps away from the beach.


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