Brooklyn Style: The Skinny Tie

26 Aug

Have a closet full of oversized, fat ties that you’ll never wear again? Meet Joshua– a Tie Kind of Guy and the creator of SKINNYFATTIES, a Brooklyn-based tie brand that can reshape those fat ties into skinny, stylish ones. So how did this start? Why skinny? I chatted with Joshua to get to the bottom of his skinny tie affinity and how we can all get our hands (and necks) on his designs.

BB: So Joshua, what sparked your affinity for skinny ties? 

Joshua: You know, I’ve just always worn ties and have always tried to pull them off for all occasions. Ties aren’t just for work and funerals! I got into tailoring/making ties after learning how to tailor other things. For me, especially in this tough economy (and because I’m extremely skinny), I was led to learning how to tailor my own shirts. I had a blast making my everyday clothes look better. Soon after, my friends started bringing over their clothes. Then, I found this huge box of cool fat ties in my closet. I thought, “Man, I love these ties, but their so fat…” That got me thinking! “What if I slimmed down these suckers?”

BB: When did you start SKINNYFATTIES? 

Joshua: That’s when it all started (Mid-July). At first, to practice and really develop an effective/consistent tailoring system, I altered 10 ties for the National Suit Drive, which helps at-risk men transitioning into the workforce – people needing neckties for interviews.

People loved that I could reshape and upcycle their ties that could have very well just sat in a closet or be thrown out. It was only a few weeks later that I started receiving orders from people all over the world! Check out what this customer in Hong Kong said!

BB: How does one purchase a tie– I think I saw online shopping and events, correct?

Joshua: You can purchase my pre-tailored vintage ties (along with ties I make from scratch!) off my website and also at events that I post about on my website. In the press, I am really pushing the service of tailoring fat ties into skinny ones because that is the least expensive and it is what most people love most about SKINNYFATTIES. All you do is fill out the form, send in your ties, I tailor them, and then I ship them back out (free shipping worldwide).

BB: So you have a workspace in Greenpoint, huh?

Joshua: Yeah, I have a two bedroom apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and one of the bedrooms is designated for SFT and the other I (hardly) sleep in.

Want to see some of Joshua’s work? Check out his Instagram photos, with plenty of before and after shots. And of course, be sure to visit his site to get yourself a tie makeover.

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