5 responses to “Where to Eat Right Now: Gwynnett St.”

  1. Lindsay Weinsage

    I love Gwynett St, but the portion size leaves a LOT to be desired. I’ve had dinner there 3 times now with different groups of people, and the first thing everyone says is “yes, it was great/yummy/tasty, but the portions?!?!?” Super small…

    1. becomingbklyn

      Hey Lindsay, that’s true. The portions aren’t too big– the taste made up for it for me though! Def see your point. Thanks for posting.

  2. eat like queen

    love ur food photos..could you share what camera/setting u use? thanks :)

    1. becomingbklyn

      Hey, thanks! I wish I could say it’s some fancy camera, but it’s just my iPhone and instagram!

      1. eat like queen

        very nice! thanks :)

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