3 Carroll Gardens Eats I’m Excited About Right Now

ImageIf you didn’t know, I moved to Carroll Gardens last weekend. I’m basically pumped to be in my new neighborhood, but there are three things that make me excited t start the summer here. 

1. The Sweet Treats 

Two of the best dessert spots are just a couple blocks away from me– Momofuku Milk Bar and The Treats Truck. Not the actual truck I mean, The Treats Truck opened a brick and mortar spot right near my apartment. And Momofuku Milk Bar goes without saying… crack pie anyone? 

2. The BYOB Spots

Back in my Brooklyn Heights days, BYOB was unheard of. Not anymore with two fantastic spots right near by– Zaytoons and Lucali’s.  I see many falafel platters in my future, as well as the freshest pizzas in Brooklyn. PLUS, I can head over to Fat Cat Wines and pick up a bottle before I head over. That’s it. That’s what I’m doing tonight.

3. The Brunch Selection

Buttermilk Channel. Prime Meats. Seersucker. Frankie’s 457. Cubana Cafe. Le Petit Cafe. That’s an epic lineup. AND I’m 34,839 times closer to Red Hook– with access to some of my favorite spots like Alma, home made, and Fort Defiance. Brunch is my favorite meal, so this just makes sense. 

More Carroll Gardens foodie adventures to come… stay tuned. 

4 responses to “3 Carroll Gardens Eats I’m Excited About Right Now”

  1. karen

    Welcome to the hood! Robert, my husband and I, would love for you to check out the kitchen at Bond Street Studio. We are not a restaurant but have some fun things planned. Check out bondstreetstudio.com or our facebook page.enjoy your memorial day.

    1. becomingbklyn

      Hey Karen, looks fantastic. I’d lot to check it out. Email me at becomingbklyn@gmail.com and we’ll chat.

  2. Stevn

    Wow. So you’re excited about the Frankies’ franchise, David Chang’s overpriced and horribly reviewed outpost, and a food truck brick-and-mortar that’s been open for a week. Get out and try the things that have actually been in CG for a while.

    1. becomingbklyn

      Hey Steve, thanks for posting. I named 14 places in that post; all of which I love. Hence, why I’m excited right now about being in Carroll Gardens. Did you not see the other 11? Do you have any other recommendations?

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