Where to Eat Right Now: Talde

9 May

After hearing raving reviews for weeks, rumors of two hour waits, and the infamous Hawaiian Bread Buns, fellow blogger Dara and I dined at Talde. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s an Asian-American restaurant and bar from Chef Dale Talde, David Massoni, and John Bush of Thistle Hill Tavern.

I admit. We were a little star-struck by Dale Talde. “Should we say hi?” we whispered, but rather than being like “Oh hey D! (we’re that close) What’s goin’ on?”, We decided to order cocktails and pour over the menu.

Perilla Leaf Mojito

I loved the Perilla Leaf Mojito, a mix of denizen white rum, perilla leaf, fresh lime, lemon-lime bitters, and white sugar. Then we went all out with the small plates, opting for an octopus salad, Hawaiian Bread Buns, the whole fish (it’s very whole) and a side of pea pods. You know those meals that you think about for days later? This was one of them. Especially the whole fish. I don’t really know what kind of fish it was, but it was banana leaf roasted with turmeric and tomato.

We couldn’t resist the dessert, just because it was the oddest combination ever: shaved ice, banana, pineapple, bubble tea, vanilla, and Captain Crunch cereal. The dish was served in a giant bowl with two spoons, and oddly, it was kind of addicting.

Here’s my advice: When you go, get the fish. Try the dessert, whatever it may be. And tell D I say hey.

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