Bye-bye, Becoming Brooklyn

brooklynYou might have noticed that I’ve been a little quiet lately.

Well, after five years of writing all about Brooklyn’s restaurants, shops, and events, I’ve decided to end it here. I don’t know if it’s necessarily because I’ve “become Brooklyn,” but sometimes it just feels like the right time to put an ending on something. And I think it’s that time.

Becoming Brooklyn gave me so many opportunities to meet talented people– restauranteurs, artists, small business owners, entrepreneurs– and allowed me to attend countless events and openings that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I got to host my own meetups, chatting with other like-minded Brooklynites, new to the neighborhood or been here for decades. I’m going to miss that.

So what’s my deal? I still love Brooklyn, but I have to admit, the sky-high rents, the countless closings of my favorite neighborhood spots, and the new saturation of chain stores makes it feel like a different place than when I first decided to move here from Manhattan five short years ago. Now, it seems as though that entrepreneurial spirit (and of course the lower rent) that I love about the area is moving out– and the “new Brooklyn” (whatever that really means) can be found in a different place each week. Of course, it isn’t all lost, and it’s not all Brooklyn’s fault. There’s still plenty to be excited about here. But I’ve changed and Brooklyn’s changed, and that’s okay.

I’m pretty sure this won’t be my last blog ever. Right now, I’m searching for what the new chapter will look like– and where that will be. Please stay in touch with me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I’d still love to give you a restaurant recommendation whenever you need one.

Thank you for following, subscribing, and reading. It’s been a great 5 years.


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